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Kelly is an experienced webinar presenter. She has several topics that can be customized for your program or develop an entirely new presentation for your group. She has several sessions that are available that are listed below. Her webinars are typically packaged with virtual or onsite consultations to classrooms implementing assistive technology/augmentative communication within classrooms or with individual students. Classroom teams can also be monitored via video consults after a live presentation.

AbleNet University - Free Webinars for Viewing… Click here

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If your organization is a member of Infinitec or contracting assistive technology training services with this group, you have available to you several of the videos and online trainings that Kelly has done including:

PATINS Project

Closing the Gap Archived Webinars Click Here - Don't Just Customize, Personalize: Innovative iPad App Implementation (Kelly presents with Jonathan Izak of SpecialNeedsWare)

Spectronics Inclusive Learning Technologies - Virtual Conference… Click here


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Kelly Fonner
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Tel: 262-613-3412